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  • applications: yes, almost all are free to use, but I'm sure you agree that most of them (not all), just most of them are no match for their W1nd0ze versions, e.g. Songbird. If anyone should think, StreamRipper is "state of the art" software...
  • "Why move everything online?" I didn't say, move everything online, I said, if you're already using online apps and say FireFox to access those, then the difference between the operating systems will be minimal.
  • Also I feel, it doesn't do Linux any good to pretend it is ready for the home pc, average user, or a match in user friendliness. It is not. And from a consumer point of view, it is not the job of the user to learn, but the job of the developer to make that as simple, easy, and as little time consuming as possible. If you expect the user to invest more, the "Evil Empire" will prevail.
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