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Originally Posted by christoph View Post
But you have to make allowances, and you must not be scared of the command line.
I agree that you need to use the command line as the GUI is not as extensive. But if we are talking of softwares, then I differ in some aspects. If you can find all the drivers for your system, then Linux is like heaven. You will get tonnes (yeah tonnes, and that can be a problem in itself) of apps for doing the task. Just look in or some other Linux related site. The best part is that most of it would be free to use. No trial/reduced versions to cope with, no WGA goofups...

Originally Posted by christoph View Post
If you can switch to online apps alltogether, then using Linux should not be the big difference...
Why move everything online? What will you do the day your net connection decides to have an off day?!! Worst, what if the apps provider decides to change his policy one fine day or suffers a disk crash? Recent incidents have shown that even Google is not 100% reliable, though I've not heard of data loss at Google. What about data confidentiality? No I would do my work on my system locally and not have someone else looking at my documents without my permission.
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