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Originally Posted by abhishek View Post
I agree that Linux is not ready for the common user, but some distros like Ubuntu are taking quick steps to bridge the gap. We should be there in about 3 years. Who knows, Windoze 8 would have competition from Linux.
I sure hope that's true, and I agree: if you're ready to give it time, and invest the same amount of time you had to when you learned W1nd0ze, then - depending on your ways of using your pc - it is an alternative already. But you have to make allowances, and you must not be scared of the command line. For me, it is the filemanager. I use Linux Mint, got OO3 installed, have a crippled version of my mind mapping tool, and now, I'm waiting for a decent editor (there may soon be a commercial one) and filemanager.

If you can switch to online apps alltogether, then using Linux should not be the big difference...
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