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Originally Posted by rikmayell View Post
It doesn't matter if you like Microsoft or not. Windows 7 just works and Ubuntu 9.10 doesn't. I run Ubuntu most of the time, Windows 7 when I have to. At the moment MS are winning.

There is of course the difference in cost too which will also be a major factor for a lot of people although as you rightly point out the update issues are not a minor occurrence.

I can't check all of my new install without a net connection (LOL) but what there is working is a definite improvement. I still have a doubt about the reduced boot time because although mine is far quicker, the 'quick' period only begins after the initial logo disappears and this seems to hang somewhat.

Still, my techsupport-on-a-motorbike will be here tomorrow so he can tell me about this in addition to getting me back online. When I spoke with him earlier he said it's a few seconds job to reinstall some plugin which is needed to prevent Ubuntu recognizing my modem as a flash drive instead, and loading the Claro config back into the network settings.

On the plus side I was amazed that the online upgrade recognized the considerable amount of personalization I've done to the system and returned everything as it was with the exception of the Screenlets digital clock which I had to restart. I did get a message about this though. Impressive.
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