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Have just spent approx 30 mins downloading Ubuntu 9.10 and then burning the ISO file with BurnAware Free. I kept the CD in my drive and then rebooted to check out the new O/S, keen to see how it looks and more importantly whether or not I could connect to the Internet via my wireless connection. My monitor showed the Ubuntu logo which flashed brighter and then dimmed ad nauseum until eventually it was replaced by er ... nothing!

Another wasted CD on an O/S that seems to be difficult on purpose and has me running into the warming bosom of XP!!

Any thoughts on this one?

Well, it's supposed to just work.

I'm sure you've read my earlier post, hours for an upgrade, give me a break.

It doesn't matter if you like Microsoft or not. Windows 7 just works and Ubuntu 9.10 doesn't. I run Ubuntu most of the time, Windows 7 when I have to. At the moment MS are winning.

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