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Hey Glyn - Interesting you should mention PCLinuxOS as among your favourites...I haven't tried it yet but have it earmarked for when the new version is released.
I know I am well in the minority but I do not like Ubuntu (many reasons) far, my favourite has been Kubuntu. Quick and easy install to external HDD, very good hardware recognition and above all (for me) the KDE desktop with Kubuntu runs a lot more functions from GUI.....gotta luv that command line bulls***....not!!
Another I have earmarked for tryout is Mint...hear good things about it too.

I agree with what you said about Linux's image but that is only one of many steps the Linux people need to take if they are serious about gaining any substantial market share.
First up, there are far too many distros to pick from, this only serves to confuse prospective new users and, ultimately, dissuade many. Plus, each distro has its own good points but each one has some bad points too. The Linux people need to all get together and produce one super distro, incorporating the best from the best while omitting all the lousy bits. There could be a number of add-on packs for specialist needs.
Next, they need to seriously 'sell' that product to the hardware manufacturers and convince them to include software/driver CD's (with their products) which support the new distro.
Yes, other issues need attention too, such as user friendliness, etc. but, in my opinion, these are minor compared to the points above and would tend to take care of themselves once a measurable market share was achieved.

I hasten to add, I am not being critical nor stating what I would necessarily like to happen...rather my opinion on what Linux needs to do in order to convert the 'average PC user' away from Windows.

Oh, and I enjoy your posts too...keep 'em coming!


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