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Strange that I've not had any problems with my USB drives using 9.04.
They were full of Windows based stuff before I had the dual boot set up and the drives open onscreen automatically and I'm able to swap files between the two systems without any difficulty. Occasionally I get a message when I plug into Vista saying that maybe the drive wasn't closed properly before and the data might be corrupt but it's never happened and I expect such messages from Windows anyway!

9.10 does promise much more than your average distro upgrade and I'm keen to have a look. I don't have the fastest connection here, certainly not the most reliable D: so I shan't attempt a live upgrade. I'll wait a few hours once the file becomes available online and then download the alternate CD by torrent and then upgrade from that.

Talking of torrents I find Deluge to be the best I've used by far in terms of reliability. Can't comment on the speed because with my set up I don't bother trying to tweak things but most weeks I'm able to grab 3-4 movies in the background while I'm doing other things and it's never let me down once.
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