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The world was ready for Linux years ago but just like VHS versus Betamax folly we all missed the opportunity and ended up with Bill Gates instead! The gap between Windows and Linux is still narrowing but I fear that Ubuntu and Mandriva are trying to head down the same road by constantly bringing out new distros instead of improving the service from what they've already got. From a security point of view Linux wins hands down and no matter how much future popularity might divert malware writers attention to it, it can never become as vulnerable as Windows. The other issue with Linux is the desktop. Gnome is tired despite the makeovers and although KDE3.5 was going in the right direction V4 seems to have scored an own goal. You almost need the graphics ability of a mainframe to run it (OK slight exaggeration) but what the hell to I need a Plasma Dashboard for??!! The only plasma I'm likely to need I can get at the hospital. I used Ubuntu for a while and managed to get my head around all this sudo/apt/get business but still it's no where near as user friendly as Windows. More Windows apps than you think will run on Linux using Wine but this in itself can be a bit of a pain.
The best distros in my opinion are PCLinuxOS, OPENSuse, and Fedora.Trouble is no one could figure out how to get my Sony Ericsson mobile broadband modem to work with any of them so I ended up with Ubuntu. If only Windows was as stable as Linux - you could probably boot Ubuntu from the back of a house brick.
I think if you forced 100 Windows users to switch to Linux for 3 months, at least 50 of them wouldn't switch back. The message isn't carried well either when you see pictures of that guy who authors Ubuntu (sorry can't remember his name) - looks like a Yeti. This is the image most people have of Linux and unless some of these guys start climbing into suits and getting their hair cut it ain't gonna change. I'm not arguing the relevance of shaggy sweaters and long hair at all because it isn't, but the image doesn't endear ordinary folk to change.
Just my opinion - probably garbage.
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