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Default An OS which "just works" will win hearts.

Thanks MC for the link to the review and I absolutely agree to this remark:

The big challenge for Ubuntu or any other version of Linux is that hundreds of thousands of computers will ship with Windows 7 pre-installed. However, Ubuntu does come as an option on computers from major manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Acer and Toshiba.
This again boils down to whether Ubuntu is the OS which will just work after download and installation, whether it allows most devices to just 'plug and play' without entering any commands.

Apart from its advantage of being free (similar to other Linux distros), it will still scare people off if it won't work and has to go through the command line.

If Ubuntu doesn't automatically install a driver, it can be quite a bit of effort getting something to work, and not all hardware and peripherals will work with Linux. Sometimes to get hardware to work, you'll have to go to the command line, which is terrifying territory for most users.
I just found out that Ubuntu 9.04 won't be able to read my files on the USB thumb drive, it detects the device but can't mount it and read the files, and I have to switch back to Win7 to read it. I'll try Ubuntu 9.10 to see if it has any improvement on this, or rather I have to wait for another 6 months for Ubuntu 10.04.

If Canonical can be successful in bringing Linux to the masses with its "Linux for Human Beings", then naturally it will increase its market share by leaps and bounds, and M$ would have to lower its selling price to compete with this free OS.

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