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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
Thanks for your personal insight into these things.

Regarding the files which won't scan, are these being skipped during a full scan or will they not scan individually either? Have you tried dragging them onto the BitDefender 'drop icon'?

On my system memory use is not really an issue as I have 4G to play with and Ubuntu uses only a fraction of Vista anyway. I share your point about Firestarter but found the events window so much easier to use and read for reference purposes rather than having to delve into the system log. Maybe I should have spent more time with ufw, or am I missing an easier way to see active connections and blocked events with this one?
Thanks for your comments!

The files are skipped during the full scan, I have not tried to drop them in the "drop icon".
Regarding Firestarter you are perfectly right, for me the only reason to use it is the log record. I have not found an easy way to look at the log in UFW, hopefully this point will be improved with the next releases.
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