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I had a similar experience with 8.10 which required additional drivers, a special script and other adjustments. I wasn't capable of all this so one of the likely lads here set it up for me. As it was I never really got on with that version of Ubuntu and ended up back with XP. When my tech guy set up 9.04 he said it was much easier. In the meantime, here in Rio state the Claro USB broadband has become the preferred method of connection for thousands so everyone knows how to script it. I'm assuming that 9.10 will be another step forward for me at any rate and presumably for more extra-terrestrial connections as well! I'd Google for your setup to see what you can find because this 9.10 promises to be a must have. I already know of one person here who's ditched W7 in favor of the 9.10RC.
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