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Default Anti-Malware Scanners

I decided to start a separate thread for this because no matter what the need may or may not be for Linux scanners people will use them (including me) either for their own valid reasons or just because it makes them feel safer.

This especially since several of the big guns have applications available as well as dear old Clam.

Having been a severe critic of The Windows version of BitDefender I now admit to liking the Unices version a lot. It's giving no issues at all on my x64 Ubuntu 9.04 and scans quickly. I've opted to leave mine running in the background as I love the idea of just being able to drop files and folders onto the desktop drop icon for immediate scanning. Also, being a Windows nasties hunter if someone turns up with a pendrive while I'm booted into Linux I can still wack it in and scan it.

Has anyone got experiences here with any of the other available options?
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