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Yes, its a process. There is so much behind the GUI of Linux. The real power is in the command line. Linux is open-source, and so, the working and internals of Linux is also open to all users. If you learn about it, you can really get the most out of Linux... its so powerful. The mystery of Linux makes it fun too. The more I knew about Linux, the more interested I was in learning more about it. I really want to have a Linux system someday. I have lost touch with Unix/Linux, since I left my job... sigh. Otherwise, I would be taking active part in Linux forum.

When I was new to Unix/Linux... I read about them, and came to know amazing things. The internet came into existence because of Unix. Most of the servers run on Linux/Unix based systems. Many more interesting things are there about Unix/Linux.

Initially, I had thought about moving this topic to Linux forum. But, let it be here. It concerns Linux, but it is about security. At least being here on this forum, people who read it will get to know about Linux, and also about its superior security . Though, if you still want it to be moved to Linux forum, I can do it... or maybe copy it to Linux forum, so that it can get more response from people using Linux, in case they do not check this forum.
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