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I normally use Opera 9.51 but briefly yesterday afternoon after rebooting after the updates I decided to try out Opera10 USB. I am using Sygate Firewall and as I opened Opera10 Windows Firewall ask me if I wanted to allow Opera to do something or other. Puzzled I said yes as I never get requests from Windows Firewall. I then had visitors arrive and closed Opera10 and had repeated requests from Sygate to allow a connection to OperaUSB which I denied about 10 times and finally allowed just to shut it up.

My regular Opera 9.51 is behaving fine. I wish there was a way for me to know exactly which windows updates I REALLY need as they are getting bigger and bigger. 18MB worth this time so I blocked the Malicious tool one which took it back to 9-10MB. Luckily I have no Microsoft Office product. I wish microsoft would figure out that not everyone can download willy nilly
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