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Well I am new to the Linux scene. I imagine like most I was not sure i wanted to try it, for fear of not knowing what I was doing. I loaded Ubuntu on a machine that was having trouble with windows, and it loaded up, updated itself, and ran flawlessly. I was very impressed. It didn't take long for me to figure out how to run the different built in software, again very impressed with these.

It did take a little while to figure out how to install new software and to get other things to run on it. However after some time, I was able to install and play a call of duty game. I think Linux is ready for the average user, but since a lot of apps, and games (I'm a gamer) won't work on it, I personally can't run it on my main machine.

I would like to try running it as a home server, does anyone have any experience with that.
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