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Hi wdhpr,

I don't know much about ripping DVDs but I found this article from written on Dec 7 2007 that teaches you how to rip DVDs the (semi-)easy way.

I've tried out a good number of DVD ripping and conversion programs, and I've made peace with one method, and one program, that gets the job done more often than not. It's not exactly one-click, but once your system is set up, you can drop in DVDs and back them up or convert them with relative ease.

Note on system differences: I set up my ripping/burning system on a Lenovo Thinkpad T61 running a brand-new installation of Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). As with so many things Linux, packages and commands may vary based on your system. But for the most part, the tools I use in this walkthrough work across distributions and on both major desktop environments, GNOME and KDE.
And here is a very very very long list of DVD related programs for Linux. Note that that list was written in 2005 so some of the programs may have been outdated. I have checked some of them but it seems that a few were discontinued and some were relocated to

Hope this helps
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