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Originally Posted by Terarus View Post
What happens when i double click on the unsecured network is that it'll ask for the network name (lets call it ABC) and after I've entered it, it would continue to connect to the ABC network and would then show up as secured on my network.
I'm no expert but this doesn't sound quite right to me as usually with a secure network you need to enter both a SSID (network name) and a Network Key / Passphrase before it will allow you to connect.

Whether your router is broadcasting or not, I believe it should still show up as a security enabled connection.

If it was me, I would try removing any network connections listed/stored by your computer, then go through the connection process again with the router broadcasting it's SSID. Once you have configured your computer to automatically connect to this network when detected, go back into the router setup page and disable SSID broadcasting.
See if that makes any difference?
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