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Originally Posted by kendall View Post
FrankO, thank you very much for the link and test.

I was surprised to see the recommendation for me was OpenSUSE and not Ubuntu. (Which I just installed?!)

I think the main reason for the recommendation is that I am using a 4 or 5 year old computer for the install. However, it does have 1 GB RAM and a 256 MB Nvidia video card (it's my old gaming machine).

I'm curious, how different is OpenSUSE from Ubuntu?
Two exact same cars from dealer, one runs better on certin brand of gas and is faster than the other.

Same deal with computers same results on exact same models.

WHAT works best on YOUR hardware.

Most serious *buntu users wind up with an LTS version, SLED is the choice of Suse serious users.

Both of the above are good to build your system on, just do some testing and see what you and your system can live with.
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