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Default PCFlank and GRC disagree?!

Can anyone shed any light on this please -

I've just run a PCFlank test and it reports that ports 135, 137, 138, 139 are visible but "closed" as opposed to being stealthed.
Repeated tests return basically the same results although there has been some variation i.e. sometimes PCFlank reports only 135, 138 as "closed" or 137, 139 as "closed". In fact, a quick test has reported these as "closed" directly followed by a stealth test which has reported them all "stealthed"!!
Cross checking with GRC Shields Up has said throughout that all my ports, including those mentioned are "stealthed"?!

I've not changed any settings recently, and up until today, all ports have shown up as "stealthed". Having a hardware firewall, I would expect that is what's being tested as opposed to Comodo firewall, but how is PCFlank seeing these ports which I gather are used by my network behind the router?

Setup =

Cable modem (Dynamic IP)
Linksys Router (with hardware firewall)
Comodo Firewall with Defense+
Wired desktop PC
Wireless network connected Laptop

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