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Originally Posted by EntitY View Post
Hi Anupam, mainly since the new engine, I can feel a slight drag on my Windows XP and I get too many, "Server cannot be found" when trying to open websites. I probably hold the worlds record for reinstalling FF, and that is after removing every file. I even tried every fix known to the web. Finally I simply got fed up and installed Iron and it made me recall how quick and smooth a browser is suppose to operate. Don't get me wrong here. I would switch back to FF in a heartbeat, if it functioned nearly as good as Iron. I simply like the layout of FF the best.
That's strange, because I never experienced anything like this... and I have been using Firefox for a long time now. I am using the latest version, and did not had any problem with it. Yes, I had some occasional crashes, but they are very rare.

Might be that problem lies elsewhere, or with any add-on?

I do admit about the memory usage though... it gets quite high. But, I think Google Chrome, and SRWare Iron also suffer from the same defects... as does Safari(even its download size is large).

And you are right, the layout of Firefox, useful add-ons, usability etc. are the things which keep me loyal to Firefox. I have tried different browsers, but I stick to Firefox in the end.
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