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Originally Posted by abhishek View Post
None of the tools I use would work on Windoze.
At your service, sir

Please, don't get me wrong, I would leave Windoze NOW, if I could. I'd love to become 'windoze free', and start telling the world, we're free it's over. But can you imagine the famous Auntie Trudy using linux. LOL.

Can you name me please (think of Auntie please)
  • one decent filemanager (DOpus on Windoze - my wife loves DOpus! -, have a look at it, before you say 'Krusader', 'Dolphin', 'Konqueror', 'GnomeCommander, and the like)
  • one user friendly programmer's editor (not 'emacs'!!!) like notepad++
  • one user friendly streaming application like - well, I'll settle for 'Screamer Radio'
  • one simple, single, and user friendly way to always install all software
It's not about convincing the people how powerful the command line is. It's about making the command line obsolete for average users.
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