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Originally Posted by rikmayell View Post
Just saw this link make its way through the twitterverse. Thought someone may have a use for these apps.
That link seems to be broken or something. I assume you are referring to this?

Originally Posted by rikmayell View Post
You probably know this already but just in case others don't I found this a huge resource for themes, fonts, meters and other stuff.
That's for GNOME users,

KDE users can go to

XFCE users can go to

Users of other Window Managers like *box (eg. Fluxbox) or *WM (eg. IceWM) or any other Window Managers that don't follow any specific pattern in their naming (eg. Afterstep) can go to

Well, if there's any other * site for any other Window managers that I might have missed, feel free to add them.
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