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Having made the move to 9.04 I have to say that I'm completely delighted with the results, so much so that it is now an effort just to fire up my Vista partition to get the updates for my security apps and other rubbish.

9.10 would appear to be one of the most significant Ubuntu releases for some time according to several reviews I've seen of the alpha format. Come the end of October when it goes final I shall now ditch Windows completely in favour of Ubuntu
After having mepis installed for 2 years I figured I would give ubuntu a spin. I made one big mistake. I went ahead and installed it on my hard drive.
First: It would not allow me to carve out my own partition the way I wanted. It just went ahead and created its own root and swap partions with no input by me. This might be good for most people but not for someone that has multiple partitions already.
Second: It gave me no choice on where it placed grub. Yup wrote it right to my MBR
Third: It relabeled my partitions.
*note* I did not choose the advanced install meathod. I chose the install side by side option.
My bad
Fourth: It did not recognize my nvidia hardware while mepis did. and of course it thought my lexmark printer was a paper weight. (no suprise there)
Although after some looking around I was impressed with the interface and thoughtful desktop.
Final verdict. Simply Mepis still works best for me.


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