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Hey hey, well I was passing by so...

Looking at those Wikipedia figures, Stat Counter has a huge number of hosted sites so their figures will be the best average from anywhere, possibly even better than GA for some purposes.

Here's a zip of the browser stats. This is not a full count number-wise as around 25% of our site pages aren't seen by this particular stats app, but it's mainly the percentages that are of interest anyway.

You can see the outline here, the exact percentages are only seen on hover, but it's 49% Ffx, 36% IE, Safari 10%, Opera 4%.

There are some interesting things here:
- the very high percentage of Ffx users
- the large number of people still using IE6 (aka 'trojan magnet #1')
- the small but significant number of people still on Ffx 1 (eh??)
- the relatively high percentage of Mac users on this site, assuming that most Safari users are on a Mac (which is roughly the case going by other figures although there are a fair number of Safari on XP users)
- the very small numbers of Chrome users (buried in the "others")
- and the way Camino never took off

See the zip attached.
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