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Smile Hungry? Go To HotDonalds

Not as many choices on the menu, versus Linux with a easy 250+ flavors.


"Let's imagine you have a brand-new PC with windoze on it. I'm not saying you SHOULD have a windoze PC, I'm just assuming you have, probably just because almost everybody else around you has, or because there was no other operating system choice in the shop you bought it: Praeterita mutare non possumus: our societies are a monopoly of the worst, let's face it.

I am not going to even try to push you onto the worthy GNU/Linux path... mostly because it is actually NOT necessary in my experience: you'll choose it by yourself - and ditch the windows operating system with gusto later - once you will have understood some basic lore :-)

Linux is free, blah blah, all its software is free, blah blah, and it's more stable and quicker than windows, blah blah... yet for the moment you are still using Windows. And you do not intend (yet) to change.
Well... So what? Why should you pay any money at all? Windows can be fully configured with good free "GPL" software (or other -less kosher- free software) that will cut pretty much any mustard. "

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Even I use Windows.

A Mac is just BSD for the mouse lover in you.
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