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Another way is old systemwide hosts trick. To make it acceptable in 2009 use Hostsman - Comes with a preset of 4 lists but only Peter Lowe´s is needed for adblocking. Easy to add, make exclusions. Autoupdates too. Has a little server so delays are avoided when browser cant locate blocked domain. Works pretty well.

Subscribing to hphosts and their partial list more or less give same protection as WOT in certain areas, and as Malwarebytes IP-blocking. Guy behind hphost is working for Malwarebytes now I think. WOT is so much bigger of course but I believe hphost is one of their main sources for really bad sites. Partial list with daily updates so smells a bit of "real-time" hphost is very sensitive sometimes so manager program like Hostsman is needed.

I link to the beta 7 because it should be final soon and is needed to be able to use hphost partial list. If interested his little forum will have answers.

Speed problems can be fixed by disable DNS client so 10 mile long list is not being read over and over. Im testing hostsman right now and have 114495 blocked domains. No problems.

Probably bad idea to let other programs interfer if Hostsman is used. Dont immunize with Spybot&Destroy for example, very much redundant.
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