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I think now would be a good time to introduce Slackware, the Linux distro that lets you do almost all the work. With it, you'll have to use the command line almost everytime you want to install something (not so sure about that, Slackware does have its own package manager, though it doesn't handle dependencies).

Although Slackware uses KDE, Slackware also features a text-based installer, command line reliance and no dependency handling. If a Linux newbie were to use Slackware as his first distro, given enough time (and determination and will power and bravery and more determination and other factors/characteristics), that newbie would come out a Linux guru. OK, slight exaggeration there but you get the point.

Two famous quote about Slackware:

Give a man Ubuntu, and he'll learn Ubuntu. Give a man SUSE, and he'll learn SUSE. But give a man Slackware, and he'll learn Linux.

Once you go slack, you'll never go back!
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