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Its really good and heartening to see people taking up Linux, and enjoying it too. I have worked on Solaris, and little bit of Linux, when I was on the job. So, I have a fair knowledge of Unix/Linux working. Although, I have been out of touch from a long time, after I left my job.

I have been wanting to get Linux on my PC from a long time, but I haven't been able to manage that, because of the lack of a spare PC. Its my long desire to work on Linux at my home. Looking at all this talk of Linux going on, and new people enjoying it, I really feel like getting on a Linux machine.

Linux has come a far way, and continues to get better. Most of the routine tasks can be carried out from GUI. But, the real power of Linux/Unix lies in the command line. I would suggest the users of Linux, if they can, please download freely available books on Linux, and read them. There are plenty of books available on Linux, and all free. It would be really nice to know about Linux, and read more about it, to harness its real power. And its interesting too... it can be real fun.

A good starting place to look for Linux e-books is Linux Documentation Project. It has got some really nice material on Linux from beginners to expert users.
The main Linux site has also got beginner courses on Linux, which can be helpful. So, read more about Linux, and enjoy the experience .
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