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Well, the version I flirted with before was Hardy Heron (8.04) which wasn't that long ago and certainly didn't inspire me to keep it over Windows which is why I was back with XP less than a month later. Now, having added some personal fluff to 9.04 I'm a real happy bunny

Even forgetting to switch on the firewall before my broadband is something to laugh about whereas with Windows I was spending more time monitoring and updating security apps than I was doing much else.

So far I've worked through pretty much everything that I would have done with Windows and the features with Ubuntu are as good or better, and for the most part quicker. In all honesty though I'm no power user so you would need to get a balanced opinion from someone in this category to make a direct comparison. My one and only gripe is the font rendering. It is better than it was but not as good or as "kind on the eyes" as the way Windows handles fonts. Maybe the upcoming 9.10 will show further improvements or maybe there's some geek type "fix" for this around that I've not discovered yet
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