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Question Linux?

I have Suse Linux 11 running in a VMWare VM, 512Mb RAM under Vista 64. Quite how browsing in Linux is faster than in Vista, given this setup, is unclear to me, but it is!

As to Chris P''s points:

1. The command line thing doesn't bother me, I do all my Windows desktop and server admin from the command line.
2. There's loads of software for Linux but if you have a very specific requirement you could be left out in the cold.
3. Not quite sure what you mean about interoperability, but it's true there aren't as many drivers for Linux as for Windows. According to MS there were 30,000 third party drivers for XP as of Jan 2005!

I have my own gripes:

1. I have never been able to get printing to work, CUPS is a nightmare. Add to that the driver for my HP OfficeJet 6310 has to be downloaded as source and built...need I say more?
2. Why should installing a device driver, which will run in kernel mode the same as Windows, require the kernel to be rebuilt?
3. I don't buy the security thing. I need a local admin or domain admin user ID and password to nuke Windows, on Linux I just need the root password. Where's the big difference?

Regardless of my gripes I'm impressed by Linux and think it has a bright future. To be honest I use Windows because I have to.

Can anyone suggest a suitable distro for a Sony laptop, need wireless and wired networking and the connections need to be 'bridged.'

My thoughts.
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