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Originally Posted by 1002richards View Post
I'm torn between the 'eye-candy' of Mint and the speed of Crunchbang and ( a new one to me) Masonux. I've still got Vista (but using it less & less too) and I keep going from dual boot to tri boot & back again.
Really it's great to have all this choice and to be able to pick & choose.
Wow its great to see all the converts over to linux. I have had Simply mepis running (dual boot) for two years now and have ironed out most kinks with the exception of getting my lexmark X1185 to work. (long story)

I have been thinking of switching to ubuntu 64bit. When I tried ubuntu a couple of years ago I had severe hardware issue's with my nvidia hardware and had to switch and then settled with Mepis. I have been hearing the new ubuntu distro's have come a long way and have ironed out allot of these issue's. My machine is 64 bit. I am running winxp 32 and dual boot to mepis 64 bit. Any thoughts about the new ubuntu disrto's

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