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Thanks for the suggestion. I did actually try mint from a live CD but didn't find it particularly stable. I even re burned another image at a different speed and got the same results. It's difficult to decipher the overall comments about mint because anyone wishing to get a closer resemblance to Windows is going to think it's great. From my own perspective, being able to switch on a PC and run it all day without problems is a real bonus and as Ubuntu is performing so well I'm going to stick with it. I hardly use the Vista except to update the security apps (LOL)

My feeling is that although some things move slowly in Linux land the ripples caused by Mint won't have gone unnoticed at Ubuntu and if a few candy tweaks is all it takes to recover market share then I'm pretty sure we might see something, or at least a promise of it, with the next release. So far, for what I need, I've only found one thing with Ubuntu that I'm unable to resolve but I'm still Googling through the forums. If I can't find a solution (it's not an important feature) then I'll post here, but I prefer to do this myself as it's the best way I'm gonna learn
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