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Hi, thanks for responding. I too was under the impression that scripts in the same language would be pretty universal between distros but apparently it has more to do with how each one recognises USB devices, rather than the configuration of them afterwards.
It actually seems since my original post that my problems are now fading. I checked the website for my Foxconn motherboard and it says that the cooling system runs at a constant speed until the temp reaches 55 after which it increases until the system stabilises. This I've checked and it's working. This therefore suggests that these temps are well within limits for the MB as mine is now hovering around 53. The CPU on it's own was never an issue anyway because the temperature for this can go way up before being a concern. It appears that this is more of a concern for laptop installations, some of which have a shut-down point of 60 degrees, hence most of the posts about this issue are from laptop owners.

I'm really liking Ubuntu although I still might download a variant of 9.04 with KDE3 and play with that. I just don't like V4 but think KDE (for me anyway) might be more visually appealing than Gnome.
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