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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
I too am now set up with dual booted 64 Bit versions of Vista Ultimate and Ubuntu. For those unfamiliar with my "problem" (yawn) I have to use a Sony Ericsson USB broadband modem to connect here (no cables) and none of the local likely lads are prepared to script anything else for it other than Ubuntu. I must say that the 9.04 is a great leap forward from the distro I viewed a while back but straight away I've encountered an issue I can do without. My temps with Vista are around 36/41/39 for CPU, North bridge and HD. With Ubuntu they are all way higher, my CPU not dropping below 54c. I've since discovered lots of posts about this with no real fix being offered. It seems to be an Ubuntu specific problem. I'm not sure if it also extends to Kubuntu which would be an alternative for me but I'm not prepared to fry my new mother board because the ambient temperatures here are high enough as it is.

Anyone here got any ideas?
I am quite curious about the scripts written for the Sony Ericsson USB broadband modem. I was always under the impression that scripts for this Linux can and will work for another Linux provided that both Linux have the same scripting language like Python or Bash (the universal scripting language for Linux, A.K.A the command line) to run the script. So there shouldn't be any difference between scripting for Ubuntu or any other Linux right? So it might be possible to copy that script and use it in another Linux. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I don't know much about the temperature problem but you could try to change the CPU usage. In my XP, there's a power manager that has an option to reduce CPU usage to increase the battery life (and decrease the temperature); in MEPIS Linux, there's KPowersave which lets you choose the 'CPU Frequency Policy' to increase battery life (and also decrease the temperature). I'm sure Ubuntu has such a tool too. Alternatively, try cooling the fan the physical way such as fanning it yourself .
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