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I'm not sure what kind of a check you did, but the first thing want to do is check the SMART results. Check here for a couple of different methods on how to do it. The easiest way is to type "wmic diskdrive get status" (without quotes) into the command line, but feel free to check the link for more details.
Then you'll want to check the disk for errors. Open My Computer, right-click on the hard drive, and click Properties. Go into the tools tab, and click "Check now" und "Error-checking". In the window that appears, make sure all checkboxes are ticked, and click start. It will tell you that Windows can't check a disk when it's in use - that's fine. Click "Schedule Disk Check", then restart your computer, and it will run.
If that doesn't turn up anything, I would try testing some other components (RAM, processor), before assuming that the SSD has a problem.
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