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To answer your question, Panzer, I have very few apps installed on my phone, none show ads. The only way I'll see ads is via the browser (websites) and Brave blocks all of those. I've tried ad blockers in the past and, like kendall.a, I found them to not be as effective as I'd hoped. I cannot have lots of apps on my phone, no games at all, so Brave is the best option for browsing, for me.

This may be regional, but if I search the play store for ad blocker, Brave shows top of the list.

Using the Brave shields button I can set it to block ads and trackers, HTTPS everywhere, block 3rd party cookies, block scripts, fingerprinting protection. Using the slider for each option I can adjust each setting per site. On the (very) few sites I have bookmarked, on my phone, the browser remembers those settings. If I need to change those settings for whatever reason, I can do that with two thumb clicks. Unless I want to, I don't see ads, no videos run etc.

We all use our devices differently, and I only need to read content, not look at pictures or watch videos. This also saves massively on data usage. Edge for Android, although allowing you to block java, doesn't give you as much control over it. Too time consuming (allowing/blocking) going into settings to whitelist sites etc. It's the Brave shields button that's the magic key for me. If Edge was efficient at blocking adverts I possibly would use it on my Android tablet but it isn't, so Brave it is again.

Edge on the desktop is a different matter because I find it to do a reasonable job of ad blocking although it still requires a little assistance from uBlock Origin. I also believe it to be the more secure browser for Win10 simply because the company who make the browser also make the operating system it runs in, plus the very prompt security updates.

As for the privacy aspect of Edge, they've recently published this - Microsoft Edge Privacy Whitepaper;

.... it's a long read but it might answer a few questions for those who use it.
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