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Yes, anyone with any experience should be able to protect against them. I suppose it's for the users who don't have that same amount of knowledge and experience so, if enabled, it's not a bad thing.

Block potentially unwanted apps is not enabled by default in Edge though, you have to switch it on manually via the settings. You also have to have Microsoft Defender SmartScreen enabled for it to work, which in turn means you also have to be using MS Windows Security as your AV.

So if they're trying to protect inexperienced users maybe it should all be enabled by default, but then that would have people who want to use third party security up in arms about competition, freedom of choice etc.

All they can do is try by offering it. It's there if you feel you need it, which can't be a bad thing. But by not having it enabled by default, it's not protecting the users that it's probably aimed at.
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