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I agree. It is sad to see everything heading towards Chrome. First its was Presto in Opera, a sad loss indeed to many people and now, according to what I've read, Mozilla are firing staff to save money. Although how a company that rakes in so much money per year can justify that is odd to say the least but nevertheless, it's a worry and it wouldn't be good for Firefox to not survive.

Chrome Edge is good and I have no problem in setting it as default, for now. Because ultimately for me it depends on how they handle Manifest V3, and this goes for all browsers. Who adopts it, who doesn't .... time will tell but it will be interesting to observe and whichever browser (if any) doesn't adopt it, that's the one I'll use. Hopefully that will be plural, in which case I'll still have a choice and which is why I have Brave installed and use a lot - Opera is still there but my trust in them is waning of late. Firefox? who knows? That's a conversation for another day.

Microsoft have developed a very good browser, a secure one and also one with privacy options;

.... and one with the promise of more features to come so see how it develops. It will certainly be interesting to see how much their share of the market increases.
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