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Took them a while to realise that they weren't really getting anywhere with the original Edge, which wasn't that bad of a browser anyway. Now they've moved over to Chromium I think more people will start to use it. They have their own extensions page for the new Edge, plus you can install them from the Chrome Store as well so it shouldn't be a problem for people to install what they need.

And as yuanyasmine has pointed out, it's cross platform so even better. It's a good browser, I've set it as my default now. Once they enable Collections in the Stable version and one or two other things you can use in the Canary version at the moment it'll be even better. They have the money and resources to throw at it so updates and keeping up with the latest builds will be no problem.

They provide decent security for the OS now, all that was needed was for it to come with a good browser and now it has one. I know people like to put the boot into Windows 10 and that's fine but for me, personally, it's the best OS I've used. Chrome Edge just helped to make it better.
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