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Default The New Microsoft Edge

The new Microsoft Edge is out of preview and now available for download;

Upgrading to the new Microsoft Edge;

Available to download manually, or wait for it to come via Windows Update. The two articles linked to (above) explain it in detail.

I've installed it manually via the links provided. It will replace the old Edge browser on your Win10 PC. I don't use sync, so had to re-install extensions and import my bookmarks manually. Basically set up the browser from scratch, which was my intention and also manually uninstalled the Beta version I've been using.

No problems. It's a good browser and I've been using the Beta and Canary versions since their launch without any problems.

For anyone who doesn't want to bother reading the above linked pages and just wants to download the New Edge, here's the link to the download page;

Finally, MS have a decent browser to go with their OS.
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