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Default Photos App

Hi Deya,

Thank you for that information about the Windows 10 Photos App (I am running the latest 1909 Windows 10 version).

I followed your instructions to the letter but when I click on "enhance your photo" the slider thing goes to 50% but the photo doesn't change.

Even if I then manually move the slider between 0 and 100% then save a copy the saved photo is exactly the same as the original photo.

The old Picture Manager that was dropped in Office 2010 can still be downloaded (for free) as part of the Sharepoint Designer 2010.

I just tried with this and the photo was indeed enhanced.

Will keep trying the Photos App from time to time to see if there is just a glitch with it's auto enhance function at the moment.

I must be getting old. It seems the old stuff just works better e.g. I did a simple registry change to get the Windows Photo Viewer back which I really like as a basic viewer.

But, for auto enhance, as promised I will keep trying the Photos app and let you know if it starts working for auto enhance.


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