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MX Linux is an excellent system but it’s still Xfce which a lot of folks are not too keen on including me. This is also demonstrated by the requests in their forum for alternative desktops.

There is a community Gnome spin but this is only reasonably usable so it makes little sense to install it when the likes of Zorin are available.

The community spin “MX-16 KDE Added” was IMO one of the best KDE4 distros ever produced for both looks and functionality but sadly there will never be another KDE based MX.

Xfce looks dated and clunky in comparison to KDE and since a raft of extensions have made Gnome 3 more appealing I prefer to use either one rather than Xfce.

Here is a quick custom setup from a MX-19 live session to at least make it look a bit more pretty.
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