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Default Experience update

Having become more physically involved with the local Linux community here this is what Iíve concluded after almost a year of installations onto different hardware.

If you want something that performs equally well on UEFI and legacy hardware, never breaks and provides even fully working widgets out of the box with no dependency issues then ROSA Fresh R11 is the best choice. Just be prepared for a long initial update because their ISOís are not so and the download speed is pretty slow. Other good KDE choices are Neptune and Kubuntu (LTS).

Next, and never thought Iíd say this about Gnome 3, but Zorin 15 Core is popular for good reason and itís really a great platform. So much so Iíve ended up with this as my daily desktop driver.

Last, among the pile of other desktop environments that no one needs is one thatís worthy, Ubuntu Budgie (LTS) and a better choice than Solus.

Installations that have given the most issues are all Arch based including Manjaro, Condress and BlueStar. Only run with these if youíre competent and capable of forum surfing to fix breakages.

Haven't included any of the stale but competent Xfce distros because no one here seems to stick with them for very long.

Finally Deepin is great if it wasn't for the bugs. Considering the proliferation of software coming out of China they really should be able to do better with this.
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