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Ah, 'upgrade' .... a word I've started to dread. So many things offer upgrades now. Tech stuff - various devices. Reservations, hotels, flights etc. and vehicles to name but a few. When you ask why some of the vehicles we use have increased so much in price since the last one we bought they say, 'oh, but the upgraded this and upgraded that have to incur extra cost, but it makes them more efficient'. Not really, maybe fuel costs, but we used to be able to fix most things ourselves or our plant mechanic could but now we have to call NASA or, it seems, people with the same technological know how which is awfully expensive. I dread the invoices. And the upgraded ones with new technology get stuck in two inch of mud on site, where the older ones would happily plough through ten inch of the stuff. More time and money spent dragging them clear - with one of the older ones.

So I've no doubt that 5G will cost me more money but I probably won't even notice the difference in performance, speed and what have you. I don't need 5G to fry my brain, keeping up with all the latest upgraded technology and its resulting costs already do that nicely thanks

I've come to the conclusion that Smart Technology is just a way of extracting more money from us, one way or another. If it affects our health along the way it won't bother them one jot.
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