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There are far better articles to link to than the narrowly focused article @MidnightCowboy used. The other articles give a better description of the proposed new features and they don't provide the opportunity for the absurdity in the first post of this topic.
which clearly says that this is just a refinement of existing AI/NLP in Word - I've added a link to the 2016 Microsoft announcement:
Ideas in Word builds on Editor, an AI-powered proofreader for Office 365 that was announced in July 2016 and replaced the Spelling & Grammar pane in Office 2016 later that year. Ideas in Words similarly taps natural language processing and machine learning to deliver intelligent, contextually aware suggestions that could improve a documentís readability.
Most people missed the detail of the new features in 2016 because Outlook's focused inbox was rejected by so many commentators and users.
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