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Well you have to use something. So if you don't use CD cleaner then what are the alternatives?

I use a small amount of diluted dishwashing detergent because that is effective at removing the most common dirt which is the grease and food fragments from people who hold the disks by their flat surfaces rather than the centre hole and the outer edge. I'd then dry the disk with a lint-free cloth.

I have bought and used CD/DVD cleaning fluids but not for the last twenty years. They used to be relatively sticky and were applied using a supplied lint-free cloth or special wiper. Maybe newer products work differently.

But whatever you use it is important not to rub a optical disk in a circular pattern because any circular scratches affect more bits of data. Instead, rub radially to/fro between the centre the edge so any scratches you leave will have a a better chance of being handled by the error correcting logic in the drive controller.
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