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Originally Posted by Burn-IT View Post
Defender has never been known as anything other than a "better than nothing" tool even by MS.
I've never heard that from any official source at Microsoft so it would be good to provide a source reference for such a disparaging comment.

Microsoft's stated intentions have always been to provide a much higher level of protection than you've stated. And that goes all the way back to their purchase of Giant anti-spyware in 2004:

I think that you're probably confused about the Microsoft products. The AV Comparatives report that @EldonW links to is for the current anti-virus product rather than the original anti-spyware product which this topic is about.

Windows Defender is the name used for at least three different products:
  1. The original Windows Defender from 2005 was only anti-spyware for Windows XP and later for Windows Vista and 7. From 2009, Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE or MSSE) provided anti-virus for Windows 7
  2. Windows Defender for Windows 8 was an anti-virus that used the same definition files as MSE.
  3. Windows Defender Antivirus for Windows 10 supercedes both MSE and Windows Defender for Windows 8.
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