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The VPN only works intermittently here as well. There were several threads on their forum about it but most have now been deleted. According to a comment on their blog, an Opera employee has stated that with it being a holiday weekend they only pushed the update to the Stable build so on the Dev and Beta builds the VPN remains broken and will be fixed this week. So there's obviously a problem all round, and it would seem that they haven't fixed it properly for the Stable version yet because it's definitely not working as it should.

Things like this are what I've been referring to in previous posts about them releasing Stable builds that are not ready. If the VPN is not stable, or something in the browser is causing it not to work correctly then it should be ironed out in the Dev and Beta channels, where you expect users to come across problems and then report them.

They seem to rush things too much, and in doing so they get complaints and annoy their users. It makes no sense to me. If providing a free VPN is one of the features they hope to attract new users with then great, but why not get it right first?

They continually shoot themselves in the foot just lately.
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