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Some change you made in the last couple of days PREVENTS ME from landing on any "HTTP" Page anywhere on this Domain. A week ago I COULD go to !!! Now, I can NOT.

So, say I followed an old bookmark for ? Uh-Uh, No, that won't load INSECURELY ANY MORE. I tried entering it MANUALLY with an HTTP - Like last week - unlike last week that is NOT Accessible anymore, sorry. (I mean, Hooray!)

And, NO Browser is going to Complain about "This Connection is Insecure" on this site ever again. Problem Solved.

So, did HSTS work out for you, or did you use ANOTHER Method of causing a HTTPS redirect? (If that simple Header Write actually FIXED the Issue ... go See what Grade you get over at SSL Mate: - I get a "B" ... which is NOT Bad ... and I might be upgraded to an "A" later this year.)

EDIT: You get an "A" because you PAID for your Certificates. Quite Nice.

OK, Let's White Hat hack our own site to SEE if any of us CAN find an Unsecured Page ... like a Treasure Hunt. (If You used the 'HSTS On' headers on this Domain: please tell me ... because I Won't bother to PRY any further ... I'll not be finding ANY THING Exposed ever again!)
"Software Santa" owes a debt of thanks to Tech Support Alert. Thank You.

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