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FYI, Best Free Linux Software recommends two terrible options because AFAIK the free options for Linux are not very good. Some useful projects are no longer developed so I wouldn't use them and some of the easiest to use are no longer free. So here's a list of those I can think of and reasons why they won't suit you.

1. Clonezilla with its legendary limitations:
  • The destination partition must be equal or larger than the source one.
  • Differential/incremental backup is not implemented yet.
  • Online imaging/cloning is not implemented yet. The partition to be imaged or cloned has to be unmounted.
  • Due to the image format limitation, the image can not be explored or mounted. You can NOT recover single file from the image. However, you still have workaround to make it, read
  • Recover Clonezilla live with multiple CDs or DVDs is not implemented yet. Now all the files have to be in one CD or DVD if you choose to create the r e c o v e r y iso file.

2. G4U totally ignores file systems because it simply creates a bit-by-bit image:
5.1 Supported filesystems
One of the questions arising a lot is "what filesystems does g4u support". The answer is: "all of them". g4u reads the disk bit by bit, starting from byte #0 to the end. It includes any MBR, boot record, partition table and the partitions themselves without further investigating the structure of the data stored in these partitions.
The other options I know of don't meet your requirements either plus they are more difficult to use:

3. System Rescue CD uses GParted and PartImage so subject to same problems as those products.

4. GPartEd is primarily a partition editor but does partition and file system copies. It has the best file system support
  • but:
  • no incremental backup
  • no selective restore

5. PING (PartImage is not Ghost)

(It is a real pain trying to reply when "r e c o v e r y" is a blacklisted word. Each time my edit is lost when I try to go to the advanced view and the blacklisted words leave me with no means to get back to my draft post.)
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